Alpha Tiger



Some people call it Power Metal, some call it Hard Rock. I call it kick ass music.  Although Alpha Tiger's Identity isn't exactly original, it is super cool. They hit all their marks with flawless intentions. The vocals have that classic high pitched intensity. The music is solid yet flashy. Something you would expect from a band like Alpha Tiger. They fall in line bands like Edguy and Stratovarious. A great Power/Heavy Metal band.



Agnostic Front

The American Dream Died

Nuclear Blast

I know what you're thinking, "Agnostic Front isn't Metal, so what are they doing in Keeper". The simplest reply I can give you is, Fuck you I dig Agnostic Front. The more complex answer is Agnostic Front have had a huge influence on the Metal community, especially Thrash. Agnostic Front have been around forever and haven't slowed down at all. The American Dream Died, is Hardcore juggarnaut from the intro, The title track "The American Dream Died" through  "Just Like Yesterday". Don't be a pussy, pick up this disc!




History of Blessed Killings

Self released/MDD management


When I first started to listen to this album I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought they might just sound like a typical Death or Black Metal band. Fuck was I pleasently surprised. They do have blast beats and double picked guitars and screaching vocals here and there, but these Germany based Metalheads kick ass. Godskill is more than just another Death Metal band. They are heavy as Hell, driving like a freight train and I totally dig the vocals, not so growling death, but more straight forward angry. Godskill are a throwback to the great days of Thrash and Death Metal. History of Blessed Killings is a must have for some great Metal.





AFM Records

The album Pumpkings is not just a kickass album but it is also special to Roland Grapkow as it brings him back to his Helloween days. For me this album really hits on so many levels. The music has so much power behind it and so much intricacy and the vocals and the vocals are perfect. The songs were written and originally released while he was with Helloween, but Grapow wanted to redo them with the group making them a little grittier a little heavier. Fans of Helloween, Masterplan, and incredible Metal will love this album. There is not one weak moment on it.






Adimiron have a strong mix of different styles of Metal. They have bits of In Flames, Soilwork, Pantera and Metallica. They have both a technical side as well as a very cool groove to them. The vocals go back and forth between melodic and aggressive. Their sound is so versatile that they would appeal to most Metalheads. My favorite track has to be "The Giant and The Cow", but the album doesn't really have any weak tracks. Timelapse is solid album all the way through. If you are fans of any of the bands I mentioned, then you should pick up Adimiron Timelapse




Titan's Eve

Chasing The Devil

Self release

I fucking love this band! Titan's Eve's Chasing The Devil is a testament to what great Metal is suppossed to sound like. From the start this album is just baddass, the first track We Defy is technical and driving. It's as if Iron Maiden, Slayer and Death had a crazy offspring and called it Titan's Eve. Chasing The Devil is a welcomed breath of Metal in an otherwise deluded field of so so bands. To be objective or not, I listened to this album trying to see if ther was a crack in the armor that is Titan's Eve and Chasing The Devil, but happily there was none. If you long for Metal from what seems to be a forgotten idea that drives all of us to be proud at being Metalheads, then you have to pick this album up.



All That Remains

The Order of Things

Razor & Tie


All That Remains roars back with another amazing album. The Order of Things is yet another reason why All That Remains sit on top of the newer generation of Metal. If you haven't yet heard All That Remains, first, crawl out of whatever rock you've been living under and second, it doesn't matter what flavor of Metal you're into, ATR has something for everyone. The Order of Things is in the top ten albums of the year.





Boonsdale Records

“W.H.A.T.S.T.H.A.T” is a great album by “Mutank” and you should consider giving it a listening. One of my favorite things about this album is that they have songs with and without lyrics. Also in the songs where there are lyrics they have the perfect amount of lyrics in the songs. Something else the band also does well is that the music is fast but not so fast its overbearing. If you like old school thrash metal you should defiantly give this album a try. I personally can’t wait to hear their next album.